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Established as the market leader in bitumen container design and supply, we also focus our expertise on a range of other container based solutions. Our extensive company history working with some of the largest global players in both the Oil & Gas and Road Construction industries has given us a wealth of experience in providing innovative solutions to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitumen or Apshalt is a dark-coloured material found naturally in different forms such as in rock asphalt, tar sands and asphalt ‘lakes’. Bitumen or asphalt used for construction is generally obtained through the distillation process of petroleum. In Europe the liquid binder is referred to as bitumen whereas in North America it is referred to as asphalt, or asphalt cement.

Yes, Bitutainer™ are suitable for all grades of bitumen, PMBs and heavy fuel oils. The exception is Coal Tar for which IMO1 rated units must be used, due to the higher temperatures required for discharge and transfer.

Email us at info@tecint.co.uk or telephone our UK head office on
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