Revolutionising Spray Coat Logistics in Road Construction with The MEST Bitutainer™

Frequently in the world of road construction, the seamless and efficient application of bitumen spray coat is a fundamental part of the project. Yet, traditional logistics and storage solutions have long posed challenges, leading to increased costs and delays. At TEC Container Solutions, we recognised these issues and set out to design a container that could provide the ultimate solution, and so the MEST BitutainerTM was created to revolutionise spray coat logistics in road construction.

Why the MEST Bitutainer™ was designed

The MEST BitutainerTM was developed from an in-depth understanding of the road construction sector’s specific needs. We saw shortcomings of outdated systems that relied on small-capacity tankers for long-distance logistics coupled with cumbersome on-site storage. These inefficiencies not only increase the cost per ton of delivered bitumen but also prolong project timelines. Our mission was to design and create a unique turnkey system that addresses these challenges by improving flexibility, efficiency, convenience, and safety in spray coat logistics.

The power of streamlined spray coat logistics

At the heart of the MEST BitutainerTM lies its ability to streamline spray coat logistics. By eliminating the need for time-consuming product transfers and costly bund wall installations, the MEST offers a game-changing solution. Designed as a self-contained unit, this 40ft bitumen storage container features a secure recessed area for a variety of bespoke equipment options, making it a versatile asset for temporary or permanent storage and distribution.

Unmatched features for optimal efficiency

The MEST BitutainerTM sets itself apart with a host of features geared toward maximizing efficiency. From optimised recirculation and loading processes to highly efficient heating, agitation, and monitoring capabilities, every aspect is carefully engineered to unlock the operations’ full potential. With a focus on ease of installation, transportation, and operation, the MEST is designed to save both time and money for road construction projects of all sizes.

MEST Bitutainer

Tailor-made to meet your unique requirements

Understanding that each project is unique, we ensured the MEST BitutainerTM could be customised to meet each projects specific needs. Whatever the scale of your bitumen storage and distribution requirements, the MEST can accommodate them all. Embracing flexibility and adaptability, this innovative solution ensures your spray coat logistics are well optimised.

Designed to address the issues with current logistics of the road construction sector, the MEST offers unmatched flexibility, efficiency, convenience, and safety. Embrace the benefits of streamlined spray coat logistics and unlock the full potential of your road construction projects with the MEST BitutainerTM from TEC Container Solutions.

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