Exploring the Advances in Bitumen Storage Technology for Sustainability

In the ever-evolving landscape of road construction and materials science, embracing innovations that promise to enhance sustainability and efficiency in bitumen storage and usage is vital. A recent scientific study, “Methodology for Efficient Bitumen Storage with Reduced Energy Consumption,” casts a spotlight on groundbreaking methodologies that align seamlessly with our commitment to innovation and environmental […]

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Top 10 Busiest Ports in the World

Overhead shot Port of Shanghai

The world’s ports are the bustling epicentres of global trade, facilitating the movement of billions of tons of goods annually. They are not just transit points but also key drivers of economic activity. This blog delves into the top 10 busiest ports in the world as of 2022, revealing their immense scale and importance in […]

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TEC Unveils Revolutionary Storage Facility Concept to Address Bitumen Supply Challenges

In the face of growing unpredictability in the bitumen market, TEC Container Solutions has announced a new approach to tackle the industry’s logistical challenges. The unveiling of their innovative Bitutainer™ Storage Facility is set to revolutionise bitumen supply chain operations, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Recent shifts in the bitumen market, largely due to refinery closures and […]

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Bitumen Tank Trailers vs Bitutainers™: Comparing Bitumen Transport Methods

In the dynamic world of bitumen transport, choosing the right solution is crucial for efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. This blog presents a detailed comparison between TEC’s transport Bitutainer™ Range and traditional bitumen tank trailers. We’ll explore the unique benefits of each, from operational efficiency to long-term value and safety considerations. Whether you’re familiar with container solutions or considering them for the first time, join us as […]

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What is Crumb Rubber and its Use in Rubber Modified Asphalt

Used Tyres for Crumb Rubber Use

The transformation of waste into wealth to improve the sustainability of the construction industry has resulted in increased research and implementation of new innovations. One example of this is the utilisation of crumb rubber in new road construction. This versatile material, originating from end-of-life tyres, has found its way into various applications, impacting industries across the globe. […]

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