Bitumen Transport Container

ADR/RID Bitutainer™


The ADR/RID Bitutainer™ is the latest addition to our market-leading bitumen transport container range, with the inclusion of ADR/RID certification for European logistics. This bitumen container is fully certified, highly robust, and versatile in operation, eliminating the need for bitumen cooling prior to transport.

The innovative design of the ADR/RID Bitutainer™ allows for units to be moved from refinery to port straight after filling, not only increasing the number of loading facilities available to Bitutainer™ operators but also reducing logistic time and cost implications.

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Suitable for storage and hot transportation by road or rail of bitumen, bitumen emulsions, PMBs and other products.

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Key features

  • Nominal capacity of 28,000 litres
  • ADR Complaint for European road transport
  • Double-walled insulated design ensuring efficient heat up and retention during transport
  • Fully framed with corner twist locks and damage reinforcement plates
  • Impact tested for proven rail durability
  • Range of improvements for simplicity in operation


Max GW35,500kg
Tare Wt.6,400kg


Length6,058mm (20')
Width2,438mm (8')
Height2,591mm (8'6")