Bitumen Storage Container

High Capacity Storage Bitutainer™


The High Capacity Storage Bitutainer™ is a versatile double-walled bitumen storage solution, with innovative design features to enhance the tank’s storage capacity. Our 40ft bitumen storage container provides secure and reliable storage for a range of products, with the opportunity to utilise a single tank as a standalone storage solution, or as part of a fully bespoke storage facility.

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Suitable for the temporary storage of bitumen, bitumen emulsions, PMBs and heavy fuel oils.

Mobile and Versatile

TEC’s storage Bitutainers™ are easy to transport and relocate as required, simply being transported as standard 40ft containers.

Modular and Scalable

The full range of storage Bitutainers™ can be utilised in the Bitutainer Storage Facility, providing a fully scalable, modular design concept to suit your bespoke project specifications. From 60t to over 5,000t, the storage capacity can easily be increased with the addition of more tanks making it an ideal solution for buffer and independent storage.

Easy to Install

With no need for large-scale civil works or bunding, complemented by the prefabricated nature, these bitumen storage containers are quick and easy to install, with low installation costs compared to regular fixed storage tanks.


The double-walled design and sealed cavity provide increased reliability, damage protection and heat insulation, removing the need for costly bund walls associated with standard large-scale bitumen storage facilities.

Key features

  • 50-60,000 litre capacity
  • Enhanced internal tank size for increased storage capacity
  • High-performance factory-fitted heating tubes
  • Double-walled design provides secondary containment to meet storage standards
  • Modular design and simple pipework manifolds ensuring scalability as storage requirements change


Max GW75,000kg
Tare Wt.<10,000 Kgs


Length12,192 mm (40’)
Width2,438 mm (8’)
Height2,896 mm (9’6”)