Bitumen Transport Container

IMDG Bitutainer™


The IMDG Bitutainer™ is a fully IMDG-compliant double-walled bitumen container, with ADR/RID and US DOT/TC Approvals. This bitumen container has a T3 rated internal pressure vessel, coupled with a protective outer wall and impact protection plates, ensuring the IMDG Bitutainer™ is stronger and more durable than standard ISO tank designs. With options for different carrying capacities, the IMDG Bitutainer™ resolves issues with over the road weight restrictions and port facility limitations.

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Suitable for the storage and transportation of hot liquid bitumen, bitumen emulsions, bitumen cutbacks, light and heavy fuel oils.

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Key features

  • Allows for hot bitumen transport via road, rail and ship internationally – making it the most versatile Bitutainer
  • Both 22,000 and 24,000 litre carrying capacities available
  • ISO 1496 Part 3 “Tank Containers” Rated
  • Double-walled bunded design for safe transport and for use as an approved storage tank
  • Baffled design for partial payload transportation
  • Wide range of internal coatings available for storage and transport of range of products


Max GW26,000kg - 30,480kg
Payload20,250kg - 23,630kg
Tare Wt.<5,750kg - <6,850kg


Length6,058mm (20’)
Width2,438mm (8’)
Height2,591mm (8’6”)