Fuel Transport and Storage Tank

Mobile Fuel Delivery Unit


The Mobile Fuel Delivery Unit is a versatile and innovative double-walled self-contained tank for the storage and transportation of fuel and diesel.  Meeting all necessary certifications for transportation, including IMDG, ADR/RID, and US DOT, this fuel transport tank provides optimal safety and regulation compliance. Housing a T3 rated pressure vessel with the addition of a secure recessed area, this diesel container is perfectly suited for diesel dispensing, providing the opportunity for a fully mobile fuel delivery station.

With a standard capacity of 20,000 litres (Model 297), this tank can be incorporated into a fully equipped fuel or diesel storage facility, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability of your fuel storage requirements. 45,000 litres (Model 826) storage unit option also available.


The Mobile Fuel Delivery Unit boasts a CSC plated double-walled carbon steel inner tank that is IMDG, ADR/RID, and US DOT certified for transportation, providing superior durability and safety.


Utilise the convenience of this fuel transportation tanks fully intermodal design, allowing for transportation by sea, road, and rail. The standard container adheres to the standard 20ft ISO tank configuration, with the 40ft version transportable when empty.


Choose the ideal capacity for your requirements with the Mobile Fuel Delivery Units bespoke facility package. The standard 20ft container offers 20,000 litres of fuel storage, with the larger 40ft container offering 45,000 litres. Both units can then be utilised in a fully scalable, modular fuel storage facility.

Key features

  • Nominal capacity of 20,000 litres for transport, or 45,000 litres for storage
  • Baffled design allowing for partial payload transport
  • Double-walled self-contained CSC plated carbon steel inner tank
  • Fully complies with IMDG, ADR/RID, and US DOT regulations
  • Secure, lockable pump bay for fuel dispensing
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve and emergency over pressure burst disk


Max GW26,000kg
Tare Wt.<6,200kg


Length6,058 mm (20’)
Width2,438 mm (8’)
Height2,591 mm (8’6”)