Bitumen Transport Container

Shipper Bitutainer™


The worlds market leading bitumen container!

TEC’s Shipper Bitutainer™ is the ultimate solution for bitumen transportation and storage. With 30% more carrying capacity than conventional tank containers, our bitumen container is the perfect choice for companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to transport and store their bitumen products.

For further information about tank heating options, visit our heating options range here.

Suitable for long distance transportation of all types of bitumen, this bitumen container has unrivalled proven market experience, with over 20years in service across all editions.


The Bitutainer™ has a long design life with some tanks still operating over 20 years after manufacture. The innovative design features ensure impressive tank longevity and high container resale values.

Strength and Durability

The double-walled design and additional reinforcement to commonly damaged areas of the bitumen container ensure protection against transport damage and the inner tank.

Operational Efficiency

The introduction of various reducing pipe and dispersing features ensure a well-rounded heating process in the Bitutainer™, unlike traditional bitumen containers which are prone to cold spots. The addition of sloped floors and a sump area ensure maximum emptying and efficiency from TEC’s Bitutainer™.

Heat Retention

The double-walled design provides an insulated cavity, preventing heat loss to the surrounding environment and ensuring the bitumen temperature is maintained.

Operator Safety

The addition of a double-locked manway with safe dipping point ensures operator safety, paired with the double-walled design, preventing direct contact with the heated internal tank and ensuring the outer wall of the bitumen container remains at a safe working level.

Key features

  • The worlds most established bitumen container
  • 29,000 litre capacity
  • Double walled design with strategic impact protection and reinforcement
  • High-performance internal heater tube configuration
  • Insulated for operator safety
  • Versatile in operation for both transport and storage
  • Multiple heating options all achieving high-efficiency heat transfer


Max GW35,125kg
Tare Wt.<6,300kg


Length6,058mm (20’)
Width2,438mm (8’)
Height2,591mm (8’6”)