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We are dedicated to keeping our clients, partners, and the media informed about our latest innovations, strategic developments, and significant achievements. Our press releases serve as an official channel for communicating the impactful strides we are making in the container solutions industry. Stay updated with our progress as we continue to lead and transform the market through cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise. Whether you are a stakeholder seeking insights into our business operations or a member of the press pursuing the latest news, this section provides access to timely and accurate information about TEC Container Solutions.

TEC Unveils Revolutionary Storage Facility Concept to Address Bitumen Supply Challenges

In the face of growing unpredictability in the bitumen market, TEC Container Solutions has announced a new approach to tackle the industry’s logistical challenges. The unveiling of their innovative Bitutainer™ Storage Facility is set to revolutionise bitumen supply chain operations, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Recent shifts in the bitumen market, largely due to refinery closures and […]

TEC’s Latest Innovation in Hot Bitumen Transport – the ADR/RID Bitutainer™

The container logistics landscape is constantly advancing, and here at TEC, we ensure that we are at the forefront of these innovations, crafting pathways to new possibilities and transforming industry standards. With the unveiling of our latest bitumen transport container, the ADR/RID Bitutainer™, we have created a container designed to enhance the efficiency of hot […]

Revolutionising Spray Coat Logistics in Road Construction with The MEST Bitutainer™

Frequently in the world of road construction, the seamless and efficient application of bitumen spray coat is a fundamental part of the project. Yet, traditional logistics and storage solutions have long posed challenges, leading to increased costs and delays. At TEC Container Solutions, we recognised these issues and set out to design a container that […]

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