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Bitumen and Fuel Storage & Transport Solutions

As market leaders in containerised bitumen storage and transport, TEC can improve and optimise your bitumen, crude, and fuel logistics thanks to our extensive and well-established tank range.

As well as our bitumen and fuel storage and transport tanks range, we offer solutions for bitumen and fuel loading and unloading and tank heating options.

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Sales & Leasing

BITUMEN Containers


Shipper Bitutainer™

ADR/RID Bitutainer™

IMDG Bitutainer™


High Capacity Storage Bitutainer™

High Performance Storage Bitutainer™

Mobile Equipped Storage Tank (MEST) Bitutainer™

Crude and HFO Containers

T3 Crude Oil & HFO Transport Tank

Crude Oil & HFO Storage Tank

Fuel, Oil and Diesel Containers


Mobile Fuel Delivery Unit

ISO Tank Container


UL142 Fuel Storage Tanks

Specialist Containers

Equestrian Wax Tanks


Molasses transport and Storage Tanks

Non-Potable Water Tank

Offshore Storage Tanks For Mono-ethylene Glycol (MEG)

Loading and Unloading solutions

Ship to Shore Bitumen and Fuel Unloading System

Bitumen Loading Systems For Rail/Truck to Ship

Pump Skid Solutions

Heating systems

Electrical Elements

Direct Fire Burners

Tank Container Equipment

Bitumen, Asphalt & Heavy Fuel Agitators

Bitumen Tank Flame Liners

Bitumen and Fuel Tank Valves

Bitumen and fuel tank Level Equipment

Bitumen & Fuel Transfer Hoses

Bitumen & Fuel Container Spares